Member Benefits

Grade 1
First time buy car customer 
Can get 2 year insurance less 10% for renewed *only our company car*



Grade 2
If customer buy again or his friends buy with us extra one unit
Mean including  total already have 2 unit
Customer can get *one time *50% less insurance for renewed time*

Grade 3
If customer buy again or his friends buy with company total already have 3 unit

1)Customer can get one more time 50% less           insurance renewed time

2)Bangkok holiday for 2 person

( 3days 2 night including ticket and hotel)

3)Free upgrade to vip member



1)Forever get 10% less for renewed insurance
2)Free service 3 time in one year *only oil and some part*

3)Free serious polish one time

4) If continue buy again or customer friends

Each car can get, one time less 50% insurance        renewed time and *One time Asia holiday for 2 person*
( 3days 2 night including hotel)